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Welcome to SWARM, the cloud-based robot operations and IoT platform that simplifies the overview and control of robots, vehicles and other smart devices.

What is SWARM?

The modular IoT platform supports manufacturers and dealers of distributed robots, vehicles, and other smart devices. SWARM provides you centralized access to all the necessary logs and operating information and guarantees easy management of your devices through mission reports, a dashboard, and an easy-to-navigate fleet overview for smooth 24/7 operation.

The potential of robotics-IoT platform with all its features and applications is not limited to robots but includes various vehicles and other smart devices such as drones.

We Emphasize what is Important

We create a unique customer experience with intuitively displayed device data, detailed operating information, and lightning-fast navigation.

We Centralize the Data of your Distributed Robots

We help you manage your devices as if they were all in one place and keep track of your entire fleet at all times.

We Take your Customer Support to the Next Level

We give your team direct remote access to your robots, enabling fast support for greater customer satisfaction.

Wir heben hervor, was wichtig ist

Wir schaffen ein einzigartiges Kundenerlebnis mit intuitiv dargestellten Gerätedaten, ausführlichen Betriebsinformationen und einer blitzschnellen Navigation.

Wir zentralisieren die Daten Deiner verteilten Roboter

Wir helfen Dir, Deine Geräte zu verwalten, als wären sie alle an einem Ort und dabei jederzeit die Übersicht über Deine gesamte Flotte zu behalten.

Wir bringen Deinen Support auf das nächste Level

Wir geben Deinem Team direkten Fernzugriff auf Deine Roboter und ermöglichen so einen schnellen Support für eine höhere Kundenzufriedenheit.


Always stay up to date with the features of the robot management platform. You get deeper insights into your SWARM-connected device through various visualizations of the collected data and reports and overviews that make it easy to navigate through your fleet.

Robot Overview

The Robot Overview gives you an overview of your entire fleet at all times and a deeper insight into the details of the individual devices. The detailed device history, the error log, and a lightning-fast search with powerful filters round off the package and help you to master any situation.

Mission Overview

During use, your devices produce valuable data that you can use to improve performance and efficiency, analyze errors and problems more precisely, and further develop your product in a target-oriented manner. The robot operations- and IoT platform helps you to store this data and realize its potential. Whether via a clear PDF report, detailed CSV, or simply via the web UI, you always have an overview with SWARM.


With the dashboard, you can visualize information that is only generated by complex calculations from the operating data of your devices. This allows you to show your customers even more complex issues clearly and easily.

Access control and multi-tenancy capability

Your devices and robots are at the center of SWARM. But the environment they operate and the people interacting with them are also important. For this reason, the cloud-based IoT platform offers tracking of your customers, including different locations, so you always know where your devices are. It also gives customers, dealers, and all other people access to the information important for their work.

Various configuration options

Every robot and every vehicle is unique. Custom fields allow you to add dynamic elements to your robots' data, guaranteeing that your devices' uniqueness is also reflected in the fleet management platform and that you stand out from the crowd.


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